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A 5 hour photo sightseeing tour to experience rugged mountains and panoramic ocean views. See wildlife and glaciers. Visit the Glacier Valley and its beauty and wonder.

Experience the Turnagan Arm and its Vast Views

We safely guide you to special sites outside Anchorage's city limits, during our Wilderness, Wildlife and Glacier Experience. Receive Free photo lessons and entrance into the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to view live Bears, Moose, Wolves and so much more.

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Its all about fun and seeing sites while on this 2 hour electronic Biking Experience. Ride along on one of America's Most Scenic Bike Trails the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Ride with comfort while peddling your own bicycle that features an electronic motor that assists with peddling-power during the 5-10 mile ride.

We safely guide you to maximize the peddle-assisted electronic bike experience. No kidding, use less peddling effort to enjoy a day of fun leisure. We will lead you through Anchorage's most beautiful trails, that includes upscale neighborhoods to ride through and soak-in one of America's most scenic bike paths.

Bring Your Camera. This adventure is Set at Your Pace--and not ours.

Two eBike Tours: 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. begining in April

 BOOK NOW     SAVE 15% with DAY #1 & DAY #2 TOGETHER

NEW!! Florida Vacation Photo Tours
Feb 16 - Mar 1


2 hour excursions. We're gathering to enjoy white sand beaches of Destin and the fun centers of Orlando. Join us as we share our approach towards vacation photography, so you will forever capture those special moments. We gather early in the morning to kick-off your day .

  • Feb 16th - 26th: Okaloosa Island
  • Feb 23rd - Mar 1st: Orlando

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    NEW!! Hawaii Vacation Photo Tours
    November 7 - 14 2021

    Ko'Olina Hawaii Tours

    2 hour excursions. Experience the most beautiful sites on Oahu island. Each tour is set to discover and enjoy the natural beauty of lagoons and its beaches. Join us as we share our approach towards vacation photography. We gather for early morning, sunrise fun.

  • November 7-14: Ko'Olina, Oahu
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    OUR HEROES: Military, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers and Flight Crews.
    USE PROMO: Hero

    We are very senior friendly

    There are not any restrooms at our departure location.

    We meet 10 minutes before each departure.

    Alaska Bottled Glacier Water & Snacks Provided.

    DEPARTURE LOCATION: Wilderness, Wildlife & Glacier Experience
    Downtown Visit Anchorage Information Center
    Corner or 4th & F Street.

    DEPARTURE LOCATION: eBike Scenic Adventure
    South from Downtown, Lower Chester Creek Trailhead, close to Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail
    On North, lower Spenard Road

    GEAR Talk

    Be Safe Gear Up Properly

    Look For Gear that meet these Ratings or Weather Conditions.

    October - April temp -20 to +40
    Insulated: Jacket; Boots; Gloves; Hat; Ear/Face Cover

    May - June temp 40 to 60
    Wind & Drizzle: Jacket; Hiking Boots; Cap

    July - August temp 60 to 80
    Wind & Drizzle: Jacket; Comfortable Shoes or Hiking Boots; Cap

    September - October temp 40 to 65
    Wind, Drizzle/Rain Insulated: Jacket; Hiking Boots; Gloves and Cap

    Feel free to call contact us with any questions--we're here to help.