Departs Daily at 12 pm

from Downtown Visitor Center

Learn about our rich history. From early Native American inhabitance, game changing discovery of gold and just interesting events that has made Anchorage special. We depart from downtown Anchorage and drive along the Turnagain Arm, a beautiful glacial waterway.

See scenic backdrops, icy-blue glaciers and walk alpine meadows
Everyday we select hand-picked locations to make your experience the very best possible. Once there, feel free to participate in a free photo lesson. Or, just relax and soak up the prestine fresh air and wonderous views.

  Become a better photographer  
Whether a cellphone camera or DSLR, our 30 years of experience provides a coaching approach that allows you to capture stunning memories with every click. This tour is boots-to-the-ground, however it is very Senior Friendly.

Award Winning & Sought after Tour
Only on this tour can you meet a bear, touch fresh glacial water, walk alpine meadows within a vast National Forest setting. As part of many locations we visit, access to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is included.
Departure: From Downtown Visit Information Center

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