A 6 hour photo sightseeing tour to experience rugged mountains and panoramic ocean views. See wildlife and glaciers. Visit the Glacier Valley and its beauty and wonder.

Optional - One hour Glacier Cruise Ride ADD-ON to Wilderness Wildlife Glacier Experience. Available between May 13-Sep

We safely guide you to special sites outside Anchorage's city limits, during our Wilderness, Wildlife and Glacier Experience. Receive Free photo lessons and entrance into the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to view live Bears, Moose, Wolves and so much more.

As an Add-On option to this wonderful tour you may add a one hour glacier cruise ride on the mv Ptarmigon. There is a $45 per seat charge. Select this option when booking.

Wilderness, Wildlife & Glacier Experience (Year Round & Summer Glacier Cruise Ride)    SAVE 10% Senior Discount

Its all about fun and seeing sites while on this 2 hour electronic Biking Experience. Ride along one of America's Most Scenic Bike Trails the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Glide with comfort while peddling your own ebike that features an electronic motor that assists with peddling-power during the 5-10 mile ride.

We safely guide you to maximize the peddle-assisted electronic bike experience. No kidding, use less peddling effort to enjoy a day of fun leisure. We will lead you through Anchorage's most beautiful trails, that includes upscale neighborhoods to ride through and soak-in one of America's most scenic bike paths.

Bring Your Camera. This adventure is Set at Your Pace--and not ours.

10% Discounts
OUR HEROES: Military, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers and Flight Crews.

We are very senior friendly

There are not any restrooms at our departure location.

We meet 10 minutes before each departure.

Alaska Bottled Glacier Water & Snacks Provided.

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Wilderness, Wildlife & Glacier Experience
600 W 7th Avenue.

DEPARTURE LOCATION: eBike Scenic Adventure
2229 Spenard Rd. South from Downtown area.
We meet in the Alaska eBike Parking area.

MEET Our Team | we provide safe adventures


Whether scouting or guiding John is most comfortable in the field. Able to locate the most majestic of views or changing seasonal opportunities. Up for a hike--John is your guide.


Long time wilderness enthusist and Alaskan. Jen's outgoing leadership will keep the day active. Listen as Jen describes the subtle differences found throughout nature's folage and species.


Happy, Fun and knowledgeable Roy's experience of Anchorage will simply amaze. Roy is best when outdoors and deep in the Chugach National Forest. Wants some cool photo tips, Roy has a few he'll share.


Dedicated to enhancing everyone's vacation. Holly loves nature and leading groups into the wilderness. Be ready to be welcomed with a big smile and lots of adventure.


Hiking, biking or simply enjoying the greater Anchorage area is Alexa's love. With artistic flair, Alexa's creative approach towards guiding is inspirational to us all.


Raised in Kodiak Island, Aaron is an expert in spotting wildlife in the field. From coastal brown bears to migrating birds, Aaron leads tours that are superb for those who want adventure while exersizing safety and care.


Raised to respect nature, Brett is the ultimate guide for fun and enjoying the great outdoors of Alaska. Brett leads families on eBike Tours along the coastal section of Anchorage. Brett can spot moose with amazing accuracy. If you are up to biking 20 miles or more, Brett is your guide


Be Safe Gear Up Properly

Look For Gear that meet these Ratings or Weather Conditions.

October - April temp -20 to +40
Insulated: Jacket; Boots; Gloves; Hat; Ear/Face Cover

May - June temp 40 to 60
Wind & Drizzle: Jacket; Hiking Boots; Cap

July - August temp 60 to 80
Wind & Drizzle: Jacket; Comfortable Shoes or Hiking Boots; Cap

September - October temp 40 to 65
Wind, Drizzle/Rain Insulated: Jacket; Hiking Boots; Gloves and Cap

Feel free to call contact us with any questions--we're here to help.